12 ke baad kya

12 KE BAAD KYA- after 12th ?

We all know that we are taught the same subjects till class 10th and as soon as we pass the 10th class, we get a chance to choose the subject and we select the subject in which we are interested. is. But many students have a lot of difficulty in deciding whether 12th Ke Baad Kya Karna Chahiye or 12th Ke Baad Konsa Course Kare because every student wants them to advance in their field and achieve mastery, so that their own society To become a separate identity.

When we pass the 12th examination with our favorite subject for 2 years, which is a turning point of our future (future), because only after 12th we can apply for further master's degree and 12th Only then we are able to get admission in the college for further studies. After passing 12th, there are many students who want to give a right direction to their career, but they do not know that 12 Ke Baad Kya Kare, so our Hindi support team will tell you today about different topics Which fields can you go to?

Best course after 12th.12 ke BAAD best course.12 passout best course

Students of General Group can go in both the field of Medical Field and Engineering Field. Let us first tell you that students with Science (PCM) said that you can make a career.

After 12 th in( PCM):-

Many students are interested in mathematics, they like to do mathematics questions, such students can study further in these subjects after 12th.


Many students dream of becoming engineers, because engineering is a field whose salary package is very good and there are many multinational companies in which the Demand of Engineer is high. If you also have a dream that you should become an engineer, to become an engineer, you need B.Tech or B.E. Have to do. It takes 4 years to do both courses. B.Tech or B.E. To do this, you must pass 12th (PCM).

Best course after 12th.12 ke BAAD best course.12 passout best course

Remember that to do B.Tech or BE, you have to pass JEE Main / Advance Examination, B.Tech or BE you can do it from any government or private college, but if you pass JEE Main / Advance Examination And the college you get will give you many benefits. JEE Mains Exam is for admission in private college and JEE Advance exam is for admission in government college.

There are many types of branches in B.Tech or BE, out of which you can select and study any branch according to your interest. Your interest is in Computer and Information Technology and you are 12th (PCM), So you can do Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (B.Sc IT). It takes you 3 years to do B.Sc IT.


Bachelor of Computer is also such a course, which a student with 12th (PCM) pass can complete in 3 years. In this course, only those students who are interested in Computer Programming go. To get complete information about BCA Course, our post BCA Kya Hai? BCA Course Kaise Kare? Help of

Best course after 12th.12 ke BAAD best course.12 passout best course


If you are among those who are interested in the medical field, then you can do many types of medical courses, below we have given the names of some important courses, which you need to pass 12th (PCB) to do. Apart from these, there are many such courses that 12th (PCB) students can do. Here, friends, we have told you that in which field the 12th science pass student can go, in such a way, if the student with science can go to every field. But it all depends on his interest


Yes, friends now talk about which areas 12th Commerce Pass students can make their career in. Commerce is a subject which is taken most after passing 10th.
One reason for this is also that the student with commerce is interested in leaving the technical and medical fields in the remaining fields like- Business, Finance, Accounting etc., let us tell you that 12th commerce pass student and in which fields Can go.

12th Commerce is the best and best course for a student, then it is a CA course, the biggest feature of this course is that after doing CA you do not have to wander around for a job. Because CA is in great demand in our India as well as in the whole world. The CA course completes approximately 4.5 years. CA's job is to provide financial ad-vice, business accounting, tax planning etc. So if CA is interested in doing the course then this post CA Kya Hai? CA Kaise Bane? You will get full information about it in B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce).

B.Com is also a Bachelor degree which takes 3 years to complete, if you want to go into financial sector or business field then you can do B.Com, B.Com can also be done after B.Com. Apart from this, there are many such courses which 12th Commerce pass students can do, we have given the list of all those courses below:

B.Com Account And Finance

B.Com Banking And Insurance

Cost And Work Accountant

B.Com Financial Markets

CS (Company Secretary)

After 12th in Arts strame:

Yes, friends, we will tell you about most of the topics after 12th.

12th Arts Ke Baad Career Option There are many, so let us tell you what you can do after Arts BBA


If your dream is to become a big business then you can do BBA, if you want to do MBA, it would be beneficial to do BBA. The BBA is also a Bachelor degree completed

Best course after 12th.12 ke BAAD best course.12 passout best course

Takes 3 years. If you want to get complete information about BBA Course then this post of ours BBA Kya Hai? How to make a career in BBA? Take the help of in which you will get to know everything about the BBA course 

B.Ed(Bachelor of Education): -

Best course after 12th.12 ke BAAD best course.12 passout best course

If your dream is to become a teacher and if you want to educate others, then you can do honors in simple BA or any subject like - BA (Hons) Hindi, BA (Hons) English etc. After that you have to B.Ed Will happen. The B.Ed course is of 2 years. B.Ed is a Teacher Training Course, only after doing that you can apply for the teacher's post.


The best and best course for students with 12th Arts is BA, if you want a government job, and

Best course after 12th.12 ke BAAD best course.12 passout best course

If you want to provide services, you can prepare for competitive exam along with BA. Because the advantage of doing BA is that you get almost same subjects in competitive exam which remain in BA. BA degree is 3 years and you can give almost all competitive exams only after graduation. So what is the delay, if you are interested in the government sector, then start preparing for competitive exam with BA.

BA LLB (Bachelor of Laws & Arts): -

If you are interested in the field of justice, and if you want to become a lawyer or a judge then you can do LLB. In LLB Course you have to study Law with Arts, this course is 5 years.

Best course after 12th.12 ke BAAD best course.12 passout best course

In Arts, you have to read subjects like Political Science, Economics, History, Sociology etc. You have to read the Subject of Arts for the first 3 years after reading the Subject of Arts in the remaining 2 years like Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Corporate Law, Patent Law, International Law and Labor etc. Apart from this, there are many such courses which 12th Arts pass students can do, we have given the list of all those courses below:

Fashion Designing

Hotel Management Course

Journalism (Journalism)

Event Management

Bsw (Bachelor of Social Works)

Graphic Designer


Yes, now you have understood what to do after 12th, apart from this, if you are searching whether 12th Ke Baad Collector Kaise Bane, 12th Ke Baad IPS Kaise Bane or 12th Ke Baad Government Job In Hindi then our post Do take help Friends, our team Hindi help advises you to make a career in the field in which you are interested.
Do not get entangled in anyone's words and make sure to consult any experts about the area you want to go in, because this question is about your future, do not be negligent in this, it should not happen that your friend is doing the course. You also started taking the same course after that, because every person is interested in different fields, so you should do the same course that interests you or which is your dream.

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